Every attempt is being made to train our students for spiritual and academic excellence. The Biblical principles upon which the dress code is based are modesty, cleanliness, and neatness. Waller Christian Academy recognizes parental authority and depends on parents to support the dress code. Waller Christian Academy has adopted a L.E.S.S. Dress Code: Likable, Enforceable, Sensible, and Simple. The school administration reserves the right in determining violations of the dress code. If, in the view of administration, a student is in violation of the dress code, the student’s parents may be asked to pick up the student, to bring proper attire, or to take care of any other infraction.


  1. Students should come to school dressed in modest attire appropriate for the season and the weather, avoiding any clothing or accessories that may be a hindrance during restroom breaks. No spaghetti straps.
  2. In choosing shoes, please be mindful of the active day in the life of your child. Closed toe shoes are preferred.
  3. Please provide a change of clothes and under garments to accommodate the needs of your child. These may need to be replenished or modified throughout the year.
  4. Please put your child’s name in all jackets/sweaters/coats.
  5. For safety reasons, please refrain from sending your child to school wearing a necklace.


  1. The daily uniform is worn Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with Wednesday being jeans and Christian T-shirt day unless otherwise determined by administration. Friday is chapel day for Junior/High School students and students should wear their school polo w/ logo as designated by the school. Elementary students will be in their regular uniform attire.
  2. All skirts, shorts and skorts should be appropriate and tasteful lengths. The standard is no shorter than 3” above the knee.
  3. All shoes must have closed toes and heels and should have non-marking soles. Heels and/or soles should be no higher than 2”.
  4. All shirts and pants/jeans/skirts/shorts must be neat in appearance. NO holes allowed. NO cut- offs allowed. NO frayed edges allowed.
  1. Shirts may be worn untucked on any day.
  2. Belts must be worn if a shirt is tucked in and the garment has belt loops. Fashion belts, such as scarves and ribbons are acceptable.
  3. Please put your child’s name in all jackets/sweaters/coats.
  4. No hats or caps may be worn in any campus building between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
  5. No Goth look.
  6. GIRLS: Hair must be neat and maintained with no unusual styles that may distract from the learning environment. Highlighted or colored hair must remain in hair colors created by God. Girls should have not more than 2 piercings per ear, with none above the middle of the ear, and no other visible body piercings (including gauges) or tattoos. Kindergarten through 4th grade girls are not permitted to wear make-up. Any make-up worn should maintain a conservative look.
  7. BOYS: No facial hair. Hair around the ears, including sideburns, may not be longer than the bottom of the ear. Hair may not cover the eyebrows. No hair over the collar or unusual hairstyles that may distract from the learning environment. Highlighted or colored hair must remain in hair colors created by God. Visible tattoos, any ear or body piercings (including gauges), and nail polish are not acceptable.
  8. Wednesday is designated for Christian T-shirt day. Students may wear a Christian T-shirt of their choice on Wednesdays.


Jackets should only have subtle markings or a WCA embroidered jacket.


Elementary—No special clothes required

Junior/Senior High—5th grade – 12th  Grade-Athletic shoes and PE uniform are required


**Used uniforms are sometimes available for sale at the school for a discounted price. Contact us to come see what we have available.


Check out the Parents page for uniform vendors.